Halloween Theme

Halloween Theme for Firefox

Give Firefox a ghoulish overhaul


  • Loaded with Halloween imagery


  • Ghastly color scheme
  • Icon changes cause confusion

Not bad

If you're thinking of doing something special this Halloween then why not deck out your Web browser with a scary theme?

This Halloween Theme for Firefox will transform your browser with a scary new interface loaded with spooky symbols. The theme is based around the classic black and orange colors of the festival of the dead, altering the colors of all the elements of the browser, as well as adding cobwebs to the toolbars.

The Halloween Theme also changes your Firefox icons, replacing the default buttons with a range of scary icons, including pumpkins, witches, skulls, ghosts and black cats. Unfortunately, the new designs don't bear any relation to the original icons they replace, making it difficult sometimes to work out which button does what.

The color scheme used in the Halloween Theme may be very appropriate for the festival, but it doesn't work that well as a user interface. In fact, I'm sure if you stared at it too long your eyes will end up like that girl from the Exocist's.

Die-hard Halloween fans may like this one, but for anyone else this theme is just plain gruesome.

Halloween Theme


Halloween Theme for Firefox

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